Monday, May 12, 2014

A Matter of Conscience

"A third of Americans raised in the middle class fall out of it as adults..."

Where do they go? How far do they fall? Do they fall out of sight? Into tunnels?

What Do the Suicides of
Fifty-Year-Old Men Reveal?
The Public Health Emergency Exposes an Economic and Existential Crisis
BY MARGARET MORGANROTH GULLETTE (quoted above) is worth reading in its entirety.

(I recently read a religious writer who suggested using Van Gogh's images as meditative objects, a suggestion that took me by surprise, but why not? This author specifically mentioned the one used in the Tikkun article. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the writer's name having picked up his book while browsing a library shelf.)

Meanwhile, back to those on the ledge (sound blasé? Who could be blasé about such souls?)....

the House of Representatives has yet to pass extended unemployment benefits. These people have been without relief since the end of December!

"There are a total of twelve bills that would continue the federal extension program for anywhere from three months to one or two additional years. The recent legislation passed by the U.S. Senate is a retroactive five month extension from the end of December 2013 through the end of May 2014. This bill must still be approved by the U.S. House of Representatives and signed by the President before it can become effective."

Midterm elections are coming. We don't need money to vote or to help others get ready and get to the polls. At some point (are we there yet?), it becomes a matter of conscience.

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